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I invite you to check out the Life Balance and Creativity Kit which is comprised of the Life Balance Kit, the Life Description Methodology, the Creative Problem Solving approach, and the Fun with Doodling two part series.

Life Balance Kit

The Life Balance Kit, which is based on Christian biblical principles, is intended to assist you as you seek greater clarity for your life.

With changes, it seems like life can go to extremes. For some life can get too busy and for others life may appear to be at a standstill. And then life can even change from one extreme to another with little or no warning. Wouldn't it be nice to experience a life of balance?

Life balance is not a one-time event, but a process, so I are here to assist you along the way.

Achieving life balance requires intentional change, so if you are ready to pursue personal and professional life balance, I invite you to check out the Life Balance Toolkit.


Life Description Methodology

In conjunction with the Life Balance Process, the Life Description Methodology guides you through the enlightening experience of developing your personalized Life Description Document.


Creative Problem Solving

The Creative Problem Solving content, based on the Fun with Doodling art form, utilizes the visual of a maze to help you simplify your goals and to prepare an actionable plan.


Fun with Doodling Parts 1 and 2

To accompany the Life Balance Kit and the Life Description Methodology, the Fun with Doodling materials are geared at providing a creative outlet.

We will be exploring a doodling art form that is based on the patterns formed by the curvatures of overlapping lengths of wool or rope. The class will also show how different designs or illustrations can be created by observing the shape of the wool.

As you go through the Fun with Doodling exercises, let these exercises stimulate and fuel your thoughts, and help you generate ideas and solutions on your adventure to achieving greater balance and harmony in your life.


Though change can be a bit overwhelming at times, as you go through the course, you will be encouraged to try, encouraged to thrive.

Be empowered to:

As you go through the material, you will:

  • Get a good understanding of and clarity surrounding your life areas.

  • Be encouraged to make incremental changes.

  • Utilize a fun approach to problem solving.

  • Explore your skills and abilities to complement your life area objectives.

  • Develop your unique Life Description Document.

  • Explore incorporating changes into your ongoing daily routines.

  • Be introduced to a doodling approach on which the creative problem solving approach is based.

At the end of the program you would also have learned a change approach that you can adopt and utilize for any change initiatives that you will need to undertake in the future.20


I look forward to you embarking on this rewarding adventure on the Optimal Pathway.


To sign up for the Life Balance and Creativity Kit and explore payment options, contact us.

(One year access to the online kit will be granted and renewal options will be provided)